Seasons Bench – Chocolate Oak


  • Rustic Oak dining bench in Chocolate brown finish.
  • Designed to compliment the Seasons dining table.
  • 4-6 seat 1800mm Long
  • 6-8 seat 2200mm Long
  • 8-10 seat 2700mm Long (or two smaller benches at 1250mm)

In brief

Our Seasons Bench is crafted from solid oak with a rugged, raw finish. It’s full of character, too. It features a two-plank oak top with knots and rustic copper detailing in the base. Although this piece has been designed to complement our Seasons Dining table, it sits equally as well when used on its own or with other dining tables in our collection. 

Oak has held a very special place in the hearts of artisans for hundreds of years. Its strength, resistance to decay and sheer versatility is engrained in our national heritage. For centuries this fine material was used to construct everything from sea-going vessels, to fine furniture, wine barrels to buildings.

Our Seasons Collection sums up everything we’re passionate about. It’s rugged, raw, solid and original – and it’s designed for years of family use. Made from solid character oak which contains face knots and checks that help display the wood’s natural beauty, it celebrates the little details that give our country furniture its unique quality. You’ll notice the copper dowels are left visible and the surfaces are purposefully rustic. Seasons is designed to work with our wider collection or can look great as a one-off statement piece.

All pieces in our Seasons range are available in either a natural or chocolate brown finish. 

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 1800 × 350 × 450 mm

4-6 seat, 6-8 seat, 8-10 seat

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