Pippy Oak Mirror


  • A Live edge Pippy Oak mirror.
  • Finished in a graphite tinted natural oil.
  • Available in bespoke sizes and finishes.

In brief

A simply stunning amalgamation of glass and natural live-edge wood. Gnarly wooden borders frame a simple mirror into a stunning piece of art.  The wood has been finished with a graphite tint and designed in such a way that it can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your individual preference.

Founded in 2015 by William Hibbert and Samuel Baker, Forest to Home started as two friends with a shared passion for craft, nature and sustainability. These days, we’re a much bigger business. This means bigger opportunities for our talented local craftspeople and a nurturing environment for younger people to hone their skills . However, some things remain constant. Whether we’re making beautiful furniture for an eco-conscious family, or realising the creative vision of world’s best known residential architects, our passion and core values remain the same.

Wildly beautiful Pippy Oak

English forests produce the finest pippy oak in the world.
Pippy Oak, sometimes called ‘Cat’s paw’ Oak, bears the name because of the frequent small knots and cluster which pepper the board. Large knot clusters are generally referred to as ‘burrs’ and timbers with a high proportion of these large clusters are described as burr Oak.
English pippy oak ranges in colour from pale straw to dark honey brown. The grain moves around the knots and clusters to create beautiful wild patterns and figures which are highly prized by fine furniture makers.

There is a deep connection between human beings and nature. Our sustainable furniture is specified by some of the world’s best designers and architects to create spaces that have the potential for a positive impact on our psychological, physiological and neurological responses.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 500 × 450 × 40 mm

Large, Medium, Small

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Our commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible furniture runs right through our core. In fact, with our tree planting programme we actually give back way more than we take.