Medium Chopping Board


  • Solid sustainably sourced Oak.
  • Finished in a food safe protective Oil.
  • Bespoke sizes available.
  • Made to order – Lead time 2-3 weeks.

In brief

Unique hand-crafted chopping boards available in two sizes. Luxuriously heavy Oak, featuring gnarly live-edges and stunning rich grains with unique comfortable grip handle designs. Food gradable quality, they are oiled to provide a safe, durable, water resistant and anti-bacterial finish.

English forests produce the finest character oak in the world. Character Oak, sometimes called ‘Cat’s paw’ Oak, bears the name because of the frequent small knots and cluster which pepper the board. Large knot clusters are generally referred to as ‘burrs’ and timbers with a high proportion of these large clusters are described as burr Oak.

British Oak ranges in colour from pale straw to dark honey brown. The grain moves around the knots and clusters to create beautiful wild patterns and figures which are highly prized by fine furniture makers.

There is a deep connection between human beings and nature. Our sustainable furniture is specified by some of the world’s best designers and architects to create spaces that have the potential for a positive impact on our psychological, physiological and neurological responses.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 40 mm

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Our commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible furniture runs right through our core. In fact, with our tree planting programme we actually give back way more than we take.