Calm Home Office Desk


  • Handcrafted from beautiful British Oak.
  • Gently tapered front edge of the desk top provides comfort.
  • Gentle curved and tapered leg base design.
  • Bespoke sizes and materials available.
  • Made to order – Please contact us for up to date timings.

Product story

The ‘Calm’ office desk has been created with wellness and home working in mind. Timber is simply great for our wellbeing, and there’s plenty of research to prove it. Studies suggest children are more relaxed and perform better in timber classrooms, while workers immersed in wooden interiors seem to have lower stress levels. 

Smooth to the touch, and featuring gently tapered profiles all around, this piece is both a comfortable place to spend the day yet also extremely practical. The curved, soft shapes found in the base provide maximum leg space, whilst the gently chamfered edges found in the top provide a comfortable edge to work from. 


Given that craftsmen have been harnessing nature’s bounty for thousands of years, it’s perhaps no surprise that we have a deep-rooted affinity for timber. But this isn’t just because it looks good. Solid timber furniture makes us feel good too.

In our homes, timber furniture looks inviting – and it has a deeply calming effect too. Soft and warm to the touch, wood gives us a sense of security and allows us to embrace our age-old connection to the natural world. Interior designers even credit it with increasing creativity and decreasing stress, something we’d all probably welcome in our lives.

We work in collaboration with nature.

We make furniture that is wildly beautiful; it will ground you and connect you to nature. Never forget, the wonderful thing about natural timber is that no two pieces are the same – every grain, every pattern are different. Every piece is individual and special – it will be unique to you – it will tell its own story.

There is a deep connection between human beings and nature. Our sustainable furniture is specified by some of the world’s best designers and architects to create spaces that have the potential for a positive impact on our psychological, physiological and neurological responses.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 1400 × 600 × 750 mm

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Our commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible furniture runs right through our core. In fact, with our tree planting programme we actually give back way more than we take.